Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Coming Soon!

YAPodcast is dedicated to the promotion of YA books. This blog will highlight podcasts featured on YAP each week. 

I'm a YA author and I created YAP out of my love for everything YA. Podcasting is a new concept to me. Fortunately, my husband is a pro when it comes to this form of communication. Please bear with me as a learn the ropes. I'm still in the planning and research process but in the meantime I could use some input from the YA book-lover world. I need different types of information from a range of YA enthusiasts so please find your classification below and respond as requested.

YA Authors - I plan to feature a different YA author weekly on YAP. Eventually, I may feature more than one but until I get the swing of things we'll start with one at at time. Author interviews will be pre-recorded for podcasting using Skype or a landline phone. Following the podcast, I will run a giveaway on this blog for prizes donated by the featured author. The winner will be announced on the next podcast and it will be the author's responsibility to insure the recipient receives his/her prize/s. 

If you are interested in being featured on YAP please email me at yapbooks@gmail.com.

YA Readers - Who would you like to see featured on YAP and what would you like to know about them/their books? Tell me below in a comment!

I'm so excited about YAPodcast and hope you will be too! If you have any cool ideas or suggestions for podcasts please let me know!

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